Fundación Silataj is a nonprofit organization since 1986. It´s activity is carried out in North Argentina: In the Chaco area of Salta and Formosa, with the communities wichi, chané, toba, pilagá and chorote, and in Jujuy, with kolla groups

By focusing its efforts on the creation of sources of work through their crafts, Silataj’s main objective is to improve the indigenous people from north Argentina´s quality of living, promoting greater economic and social development while respecting their culture and encouraging their self-management.

Fundación Silataj is ruled by the principles of Fair Trade, whose sustainable growth is only possible through responsible consumption, one that demands social responsibility and ethical quality of the products. Under the principles of Fair Trade, not only the price of handicrafts is valued, but also the social and ecological conditions of their production. Consumers can establish more equitable business relationships, as the link between the producer and the consumer is direct and the relationship transparent.

By purchasing in Silataj, we contribute to the creation of jobs and improve the quality of life of our native communities.

Our history

Silataj means “the best” in wichi language. Fundación Silataj, as a project, was born when Wichi chief David Gonzalez at Misión La Paz, in Salta, asked us to sell their handcrafts on their behalf as their community was very isolated and distant from the cities.

At the end of 1986, Silataj opened an exhibition center and shop in Belgrano neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires. Soon after, other indigenous communities from different ethnic groups came and joined the project: Chorote, Pilagá, Toba, Kollas, Chané and other Wichi communities from the provinces of Salta and Formosa. Nowadays, Silataj is working with 26 communities.

This expansion increased the sales and the growing production brought wholesales and some export activities that have made known and value the artisanal production of our indigenous people in other regions around the globe.

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