Projects developed:

Project “reap what you sow- productive school”. School/family orchard. 4073 Dr. Manuel Acevedo school in Sumalao, Salta.

Financing of the plastic bottles recycling workshop in La Merced School, Santa Victoria Este, Salta. (Chorote Community).

Scholarships for high school students granted by the National Institute of Indigenous Matters.

Projects to Rescue the Wichi Culture, gathering short stories, myths and tales.

Allowances for bilingual teachers to support Wichi children at school.

School, community and family organic farms.

Donations to soup kitchens for Creole and Indigenous kids.

Reforestation of ‘Palo Borracho’ tree (‘drunk wood’ tree), the raw material for handcrafts (Chané People).

Grant for “Instruction and Training in Nutrition & Food support” project (Pilagá People).

Donations: radio transmitter, solar panels, etc. (Toba People).

Donations: computer and furniture for the library at San Ignacio de Loyola High School in Santa Victoria Este.

Tools and materials for building a fence for the organic farm project ‘How well we feed ourselves!'. A project organized by the teachers and students at Elementary School No. 4171, Wichi People of La Merced (Salta).

Donations of materials to build a classroom in Elementary School No. 4171.

Grant for a project to supply drinkable water to the Wichi People at Pozo el Tigre.

Grant for a project to train Indigenous and Creole teenagers in carpentry. Los Blancos, Province of Salta.

























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