Since 2004 Fundación Silataj is a member of the Argentine Fair Trade Network, having founded it together with other nineteen organizations from all around the country.

Our products are sold according to fair trade principles: Prompt full payment, long-term business relationships, environmental protection, childhood preservation, gender equality, and enforcement of projects to improve the life quality of the communities.

The Principles of Fair Trade:

1. Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers
Poverty reduction through trade forms a key part of the organization’s aims. The organization supports marginalized small producers. It seeks to enable them to move from income insecurity and poverty to economic self-sufficiency and ownership. The trade supports community development. The organization has a plan of action to carry this out.

2. Transparency and Accountability
The organization is transparent in its management and commercial relations. The communication channels are good and open at all levels of the supply chain.

3. Trading Practices
The organization trades with concern for the social, economic and environmental well-being of marginalized small producers and does not maximize profit at their expense. The organization maintains long term relationships based on solidarity, trust and mutual respect that contribute to the promotion and growth of Fair Trade.

4. Payment of a Fair Price
A fair price is one that has been mutually agreed by all through dialogue and participation, which provides fair pay to the producers and can also be sustained by the market.

5. Child Labor and Forced Labor
The organization adheres to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and national / local law on the employment of children. The organization ensures that there is no forced labor in its workforce and / or members or home workers.

6. Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Freedom of Association

7. Working Conditions
The organization provides a safe and healthy working environment for employees and / or members.

8. Capacity Building
The organization seeks to increase positive developmental impacts for small, marginalized producers through Fair Trade. The organization develops the skills and capabilities of its own employees or members.

9. Promotion of Fair Trade
The organization raises awareness of the aim of Fair Trade and of the need for greater justice in world trade through Fair Trade. It advocates for the objectives and activities of Fair Trade according to the scope of the organization. The organization provides its customers with information about itself, the products it markets, and the producer organizations or members that make or harvest the products. Honest advertising and marketing techniques are always used.

10. Environment
Organizations which produce Fair Trade products seek to minimize the impact of their waste stream on the environment.
































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