Fundación Silataj is a nonprofit organization since 1986. It´s main objective is to improve the indigenous people from north Argentina´s quality of living. It promotes work alternatives through trading their handcrafts under the principles of Fair Trade.

It encourages and support artisans to start their own organizations to sell their handcrafts looking after their interests. It respects and promotes their cultures. It works in Salta, Formosa and Jujuy with the following communities: wichi, chané, toba, pilagá, chorote and kolla.

Silataj means “the best” in wichi language. Fundación Silataj was born in 1985 when Wichi chief David González at Misión La Paz Community asked us to sell their handcrafts on their behalf as they were so isolated and distant from the cities.

At the end of 1986, Silataj opened an exhibition center and shop in Belgrano neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires.

Soon after, other indigenous communities from different ethnic groups came and joined the project: Chorotes, Pilagá, Toba, Kollas, Chané and other Wichi communities from the provinces of Salta and Formosa. In this way, the trade increased and the growing production brought wholesales and some export activities. Nowadays, Silataj is working in 26 communities.
In 2007 a new store was opened in the center of Buenos Aires.

















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